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Why You Should Use Social Media for Your Brand Awareness

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Regardless if you want to persuade your social media followers, increase your subscribers or promote your product, social networking site would be an essential tool. It is a platform that, when used appropriately, can increase the presence of your brand exponentially. Your ability to promote your marketing is determined by your company’s authority. One way to build that authority is with the use of the social networking site. In fact, according to the latest study, 71% of the companies will be increasing their investment on this platform in order to increase their brand awareness.

The Benefits of Using Social Media for Your Brand Awareness:

Are you aware that social media marketing has a higher conversion rate compared to any types of marketing? Due to this fact, around 84% of the B2B marketers are maximizing the use of the platform.

1. Social Media Can Boost Targeted Traffic

Designing a new page on your site can be quite similar to taking a selfie. You need the world to witness its ingenuity. However, you do not want to beg for their attention. This is why a well-placed post in different social media can create a huge difference. A link that was submitted on StumbleUpon or Reddit can increase the targeted traffic to your site.

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2. Boost Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated matter. It takes time before you can finally achieve a higher SERP raking on search engine sites. However, if your website continues to receive a high amount of traffic, the crawlers will be able to pick that. High-quality content is still the king when it comes to SEO. But ensuring that it will receive a high amount of traffic will allow it to increase its ranking faster. Sharing it on your social media account will exponentially increase the traffic.

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3. Relationship Building

The thing that makes these social media platforms great is that it allows an unhampered interaction between the brand and the customers. You can also get an insight about their daily life such as the product that they are buying, their plan on the coming weekends and the things that interest them the most. It is also the right platform for you to find a complementing business, digital influencers, journalists and tastemakers that will help you on your marketing campaign.

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4. As a Customer Support Tool

In the event that the customer encountered an issue with your product, you will be able to address it immediately with the help of your social media account. It is the most efficient and convenient way to reach your company. Study shows that customers highly appreciate the company that immediately responds to their problems. They will also not hesitate to post their rant online in case the company will not take action to their problem.

Customer Support via social media


These are just some of the important reasons on why you should use the social media platform to increase your brand awareness. It builds loyalty, increases your authority and visibility and makes your company profitable.