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How to Effectively Drive Traffic to Your Website with SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is a vital component of online marketing. Each daily action or strategy for your website must be based on supporting your SEO objectives. There is actually no better way of consistently getting organic traffic to your website apart from SEO. Here is a brief tutorial that offers actionable tips to help you improve your traffic and expand the list of potential customers.

  • On-Page SEO - Optimize your Website:

1. Long Tail Keywords

The first thing you need to do to achieve a successful SEO strategy is to identify the suitable keywords. It is recommended to focus your traffic building offers on long-tail keywords. An excellent way of incorporating long-tail keywords is through informative blog content aimed at a specific target audience.

The long tail keywords image for SEO

2. Research Suitable Keywords

The next step is doing a thorough keyword research to see what the common search terms are within your sector. Evaluate the competition and search volume in order to find the most effective keywords that will boost traffic to your website.

You should also avoid using too many keywords. Optimize each web page or each post with at least two keywords. Do not use too many keywords as it may make your SEO unfruitful since the content will become unreadable. Rather, spread out the keywords and consider focusing one keyword per page.

3. Optimize Your Main Title Tag & Your Post Headline

A very important part of ensuring effective SEO is to optimize your main title tag. This ensures your site is more readily found when someone searches for the keywords. Thus, try using an interesting slogan, tagline or keyword just before your brand name.

The headline of every blog post or web page also needs to be SEO optimized. Ensure the headline is not only captivating enough for people to want to click but also descriptive enough to gain a better search engine rank

4. Write An Engaging Meta Description

The term Meta description refers to the short description seen in search results below your headline. An engaging description will help in luring more traffic to your website. Look below an example: 

Meta title and meta description displayed on search engines

5. Optimize Your Site Architecture & Your URL

Both users and also search engine spiders should not have to look very hard so as to find any content on your website. A general tip to use is to keep your most important web pages within at least three clicks from your homepage. An easy way of checking whether you have buried content too far is to evaluate your URL structure.

Having a clear and clean URL is also vital for building traffic through SEO. It not only makes your site quick and easy to crawl for the search engines, and also users can remember it easily and share.

Pattern of a website architecture

​6. Evaluate Usage Data & Website Speed

The usage data of your website has huge effect on your SEO practices. Evaluate this data and discover whether people are staying on your site for longer than one minute.

How quickly your website loads also affects your ranking on search engines. If your website loads too slowly due to excessive imagery of flash content along with other common performance problems, then it is high time to start evaluating ways of enhancing the loading speed.

  • Off-page SEO:

7. Build Audiences With Social Media (don't forget Google +)

Social media has a great impact on your overall search results. Hence, a good place to start with off-page SEO is to create sharable content and post it in all your social media pages for effective link-building.

One simple trick to get more traffic is to use Google+ for business. It is heavily integrated with all aspects of Google and therefore sharing your content through this social media site will have a considerable effect on your overall search rankings.

Social Media tools to build traffic

8. Join Associations And Other Offline Groups

Offline associations and groups really have a positive effect on your SEO strategy, especially for building credibility for your website. You can also get indirect links from your peers, which all helps to position your website as one of the industry leaders in your field.

Links from schools and non-profits are quite valuable for SEO since they are considered as both high trust and high value. Consider donating either your money or time to a local charity in your area to receive these benefits.

​9. Guest Blog To Get Backlinks And Traffic

Get in touch with other top websites in your field and creating informative and interesting content for them. This kind of partnership is essential to getting more traffic to your website.

  • BONUS: Bad SEO Strategies That You Need To Stop Immediately
  1. Do not use too many keywords in your blogs: 
    Using excessive amounts of keywords makes your content unreadable and actually has a negative effect on your traffic. Instead, focus on creating informative blogs with a few keywords sprinkled inside for more effectiveness.
  2. Do not use blog comments to get backlinks:
    For a long time, many people relied on spamming the comment part of blogs to secure backlinks. The truth is that this method is highly ineffective. What you should be doing instead is guest blogging, if you want to get more qualified backlinks and enhance your search rankings.
  3. Do not buy links:
    Any SEO strategy that depends on having to buy links from other websites is doomed to fail. To avoid future penalties where your rank is dropped significantly overnight, simply give your website time to grow organically or through paid adverts. 


A well-researched and implemented SEO plan will consistently bring in lots of traffic. Remember that this success will not come overnight, even when implemented by an expert SEO. It is essential to acknowledge that there is simply no secret formula or shortcut to improving your rankings. You need to put in smart effort and then be patient in order to start seeing the positive results. So, what is the best solution for online marketing? Focus on building both your brand and your traffic simultaneously to reap the most rewards.