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How Can SEO And PPC Improve Conversion Rate?

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With over 80% of users finding their desired destinations using a search engine, organizations have started realizing the significance of online marketing. Nevertheless, simply driving targeted traffic to your website is not enough; you need the visitors to take a specific action, like making a purchase. According to Philip Moses, a Digital Marketing Specialist at Get Visible, a mixture of SEO and PPC is crucial to the success of your online marketing efforts. Find out more details here below.


The clear benefit of improving conversion rate by combining SEO and PPC is enhanced exposure on search engine results pages. It is worth noting that the top 3 results on results pages of search engines are normally PPC ads. Through dominating both paid and organic search results, you can increase targeted traffic for your search marketing efforts while giving an impression that you are an established company in your market.

Optimize keyword data

When you run organic SEO campaigns simultaneously with paid PPC campaigns, you get double the search marketing data to analyze. Philip Moses believes that this rich source of data will help determine the best keywords for both your marketing strategies to boost conversion rates. You can use the reports in Google Adwords and Google Analytics to analyse your data and make decisions. This way you will be able to optimize and get a higher conversion rate from your overall online marketing strategy.

Overview of a report in Google Adwords

Use high performing PPC ads to determine your SEO content strategy

Usually, what is effective for PPC will often work for SEO. Through analyzing the PPC ads that bring in the largest number of conversions, you will have a better idea on how to create page content, title tags and Meta descriptions for all the pages you intend to rank organically. One of the main advantages you get when using PPC adverts to test your page attributes is how quickly you will get the results. You will be able to quickly see what works and does not work and adjust your efforts accordingly.

Illustration for SEO content strategy


As you can clearly see above, while SEO and PPC are quite different in how they are deployed, they are both fighting for the same keyword term and customer. The ability to maximize your voice on the internet through combining these two strategies will help boost your conversion rate significantly. These tangible benefits will start from an increase in clicks, visitors, and page views, time on the website, orders, and action.

Remember that a high conversion rate translates into revenue for your business, which is why it so important. Philip Moses has extensive experience in SEO and PPC and can help you maximize your online presence.