• Who is Philip Moses ?

    I have expertise in SEO & PPC with additional skills in IT and Business Management.

    My name is Philip Moses. I'm a Digital Marketing Specialist. I graduated in 2015 with a Master's Degree in Information Systems Management from ISC Paris School of Management. I specialized in Web Marketing, and more specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). I previously worked at Get Visible, a Web Marketing Agency based in Phoenix, Arizona as SEO/PPC Consultant.

    I'm also deeply interested in entrepreneurship and startups, especially the growth aspects, like online customers acquisition.

    I am currently unavailable to work, but around October 2017 I will be available. 

  • What Online Marketing can Do For Your Business?

    The best way to increase your sales in a connected world.

    Boost your revenue

    Your website is a powerful tool to help you to generate more leads and clients. If you are already selling your products or services offline, selling them online will definitely make a difference.

    Increase your audience

    With social media, your social fans can directly reach out to you. It also increase their engagement towards your brand and your products or services. You can also find new clients by using PPC advertising.

    Keep your customers loyal

    If you use email marketing for example, you will be able to let people know about new sales or new products and bring customers back to your website to repeat purchases.

    Drive traffic to your website

    Thanks to SEO, you will be able to be well ranked in Search Engines and gain traffic. Indeed, if you are ranked on the 1st page of search results, studies have showed that you can earn more than 50% of traffic.

  • "It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic."


    Jeff Eisenberg

  • My Values

    I always strive for the best.


    I'm passionate about what I am doing. Online marketing and entrepreneurship are my true passions. And doing digital marketing is already being in the center of the business strategy.

    Customer focused

    I'm dedicated to results when it comes to work. I always make sure to understand client's needs. Indeed, make a customer satisfied is my top priority. And I always make sure that my work meets client's needs.


    I'm always commited to integrity and ethics. Honesty is a second nature for me. I never escape from my responsibilities. According to me, that's one of the most important value when it comes to business.

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